Friday, April 10, 2009

I need to make a mark

So I got my stamps yesterday for marking pipes. It was a total bust. Once I get a lathe and start turning plates and bowls and other big stuff, the stamps will be handy to have. But they won't do for the pipes. The font is just too blugh, and 1/8 inch letters ended up being too big.

A metal worker was recommended to me by some other pipe makers on a forum, so I'll be contacting him after I make 3 more sales.
1st sale will go to more wood and stems since I'm almost out.
2nd and 3rd sale (or 1 plateau sale) will buy my logo stamp. They cost about $100. I'm thinking I want something really simple. Maybe just 'Henderson' with a very simple long stemmed pipe used to underline my name.

I can't decide between 'Henderson' or some variation with my initials in front. I could have either 'AHenderson' or 'AAHenderson' (Andrew Alan). I think 3 caps at the beginning does unbalance it a bit, but I am always tickled by my initials spelling 'aah'. Tho, I think I'd be happier hearing someone say the have a Henderson pipe, instead of saying they have an 'AAH' pipe. The single name will probably win in the end.

Anyone have any thoughts on if I should have any other info on my stamp? Maybe the year underneath? That would mean buying a new stamp every year, but that's not too big of an expense, and it might make them more of a collectible.

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