Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A pipe for me

This pipe is one of the last chunks of plateau briar I had left. During the first step, drilling, I made a mistake, making the mortise go too deep. The wall between the mortise and the tobacco chamber is too thin now. I doubt I'll have a problem with it, but I didn't want to sell a pipe which I'd have to tell the buyer to smoke gently near the bottom. So it is mine.

I'm very excited! The first plateau pipe in my personal collection! The grain ended up being perfect. Tiger's striping on the sides. Great bird's eye grain on the plain which faces the smoker. I prefer to hold a pipe in my left hand, lighter and tamper in my right, so I contoured it for a perfect fit. I think this is my coolest pipe so far, and am very glad it is mine.







Angel said...

wow! very awesome! keep in touch

Delainie said...

That is so unique! You do such beautiful work!

Lona said...

Wowza! It's beautiful...

Lindalw said...

You must have studied art somewhere, it is really beautiful. I love those little swirls of knots in that burl - hope you keep up this great work. Aint it grand to be part of creating something like that? Best regards, Linda LW

ieatmodestmouse said...

super cool! i like it!