Friday, December 5, 2008

Ready, let's go!

So the work is done on my prep for the Art Hop. I'm feeling a bit burnt-out after having a deadline for all of this stuff. I took wednesday off work to have an extra day to get ready, and am so happy I did! Jess and I worked all day, and most of the night, finally going to bed around 3a. We had to put price tags on everything, print labels and posters, pack stuff up. Jess has an amazing amount of stuff to display, so she's feeling a bit more stressed than me. The show starts at 5p today, and she's still finishing some little things up.

During our big prep night I sold another pipe from the website, the very nice pick-axe. That pipe came out perfect, and I am very pleased it went to a very nice lady, for her husband. She and I exchanged quite a few messages, and was very pleasant throughout the entire process. I know there are always a couple of bad eggs in a bunch, but so far all of my experiences on etsy have been good ones.

I'll post pictures from the show tonight, probably tomorrow. I'm glad I have the day off after Art Hop, just to laze around, start a new pipe, and recover. Large groups always drain me a bit, and being a focal point even more. It will be a great night, but still, I'm gettin' the jitters.

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