Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun times

What a good time at the Art Hop! The big snow held off until today, so there was a constant stream of people the entire time. The were about 20 sellers crammed into the studio, and a huge mob. I never had a chance to take pictures during the event, but here's one of our nice little table before things got going.

art hop/ first show

Today was a little sad because it was the final day of our favorite vintage clothing store here in Kalamazoo, Polly and Esther's. They were having the final $5-bag sale. Jess scored a mountain of clothes that she's happily tearing apart for projects. The ladies at Polly and Esther's decided to make the move to etsy. Check them out.

I found a couple of shirts, but my big score was the shoe rack. They let it go really cheap, and once I used my new sewing machine skills to make sleeves to cover up the metal, I had an awesome, huge pipe-rack. Jess was wonderfully enthusiastic about letting me put the big thing up, though I think it means I owe her some sort of display stand for her projects. Probably soon.

Some people wouldn't like it, but I sure do. It is big enough to hold pipes waiting to sell, pipes in progress, and my own pipes. That's it on the right side of the picture, just past the plants. It is pretty empty now, but I hope to put in a small briar order in the next couple of days, and a large one soon after that.

new pipe shelf

I'm hoping the cats don't decide to try climbing it.

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