Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy weekend

What a great weekend. Very productive!

The weekend started with helping my father tear out carpet. Moving all the furniture was the hardest part. It went a lot faster with my wonderful wife helping too.

Jess worked on finishing several projects, and made a cowl and a new style of warm collar. Check out her shop Umlauf. She'll be posting a bunch of new stuff over the next couple of days.

I was working away on my own projects. I managed to post two more pipes this weekend, and have a third in the works. The first was a kinda blocky freehand I'm calling the Pilgrim's Pear. My wife said it made her think of pilgrims, and I think from the bottom it looks like a pear.

pilrim's pear

The second was a nice bent pipe, my first pipe using just mahogany stain. I am very happy with it. A bit more modern look than the traditional bent, with an unusual shank.


The third pipe that is in progress is a pick-axe style. A bit of an unusual design, that without my intending to make it so, puts me in mind of Spock's coffin in one of the Star Trek movies. I'll post a of picture of it once I have it finished. It is still in the filing stage.

Right now I am going to retake my pictures for etsy of the two cherry pipes. I was looking those photos over and am just not happy with them.

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