Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm not going out on Black Friday!

What a good day. I have not gone outside this house, except for an occasional smoke, all day. I slept in, had some coffee with my morning internets, and got to work.

I managed to work on two pipes today, one from start to finish, the other to shaped and getting sanded. I could finish that one today too, but I try to avoid using the power tools after 9p. Don't wanna annoy my neighbors too much! So, I shall get it smoothed and stained, and do the buffing first thing tomorrow. And then it is on to another pipe!

The one I completed and listed in my shop is very nice. I tried a new mix of stains and managed a nice honey color. The pipe makes me think of a ladle, so I'm calling it the Honey-Dipper. That name sounds a little naughty, but eh, I like it. If someone wants to giggle, they have my blessing.

pipe 25


Okay, back to sanding. My elbow is getting a little tired, but I'll push through...