Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finished a new pipe yesterday. I had a hard time with this one.

Briar can range from red to pink to almost white. The block I used was very pale. I thought I had finished with the sanding and didn't bother to look at it under good enough light. Once I had stained, buffed, and waxed, there were a ton of scratches that were very visible. I was pretty frustrated, and just put the pipe aside for a couple of days.

I was getting bored since I am out of blocks, so I picked it back up. First I had to get the wax off so I wouldn't gum my files up. I borrowed my wife's hairdryer to melt the wax and used a clean cloth to wipe it down. To keep from having blotchy stain I had to file the entire pipe to get the old stain off. Then came a full sanding again to remove the marks the files left. Then came the refitting of the stem since the shank of the pipe was smaller than it had been. Staining and polishing finished the job.

I probably tripled the amount of time I normally spend on a pipe with this thing, but I am so glad I did. It came out wonderfully. I really like this shape, and the finish is perfect.

I finally got paid (there was a problem with my job's direct deposit so I've been biting my nails waiting for my money) so I was able to put in a large order for wood and stems. I also have more of the carnauba wax I use for finishing on its way, plus a new stain.

I will have enough blocks for ten more pipes, which I want to have done before december so I can show them at the art hop my wife and I are participating in.

I'll post one picture of the new pipe here. If you want to see more you can click the link in the upper right corner. I have a few more pictures on the etsy post.


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