Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well, crap!

Due to a messup with my job's bank, I got paid a day late. That meant I had to order my briar blocks a day later than I had intended, and I missed the ship date I wanted. So my order is packed by now, but instead of being on the way to me it is still sitting at my shipper's warehouse. That means I won't get my supplies for at least three days later than I should have.

I am capable of waiting three days for something, but time is a factor this month. A friend with a studio is renting out tables to crafters for the december art hop. Jess (my wife) and I are sharing a table. She'll have her knit stuff, some cat beds, and other purdy things, and I'll have my pipes. Due to some financial miss-adventures I have many less pipes ready than I wanted to have. That means I'll be trying to rush once I get my supplies.

I'll have about two weeks to make ten pipes. A doable task if my hands hold up and I stay busy, but barely. I'm planning on a couple pick-axe shapes (like the two in my profile pic) and a bunch of more traditional pipes. I'm excited since this is my biggest order of wood so far. I've been trying to balance my expenses between buying equipment and buying wood, but I've finally got all of the basic tools I need. A lathe, drill press, belt sander, and a couple other fancy machines would speed up my production rates, but at least I now have all of the most basic gear I need. This will be my first shipment of just wood, stems, and a new bar of wax! I can't wait; this is gunna be fun!

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