Monday, November 17, 2008

What an awesome day.

What a great day!

It is the first day the snow stuck to the ground in my part of michigan. I woke to a very pretty day. My wife and I had a nice morning with coffee, her knitting, and me finishing a pipe for myself. It is a very nice pipe, and I wish I could post it in my shop, but there is a small flaw in the wood. Now, normally that's not a problem since briar often has small flaws. The long-time pipe makers consider being able to work around the flaws and incorperating them a sign of skill. The problem with this flaw is that it went from the outside of the stummel to the inside of the tobacco chamber. Eventually it will probably burn through. It'll take years to do that, but I still don't feel right selling it. So I'll keep it.

Anyway, we were just relaxing, me waiting for the mailman to arrive with my package of briar and stems. When the mailman arrived I was putzing around etsy, just checking stuff out. I ran downstairs, where I happily accepted my package. I came up and sat down to open it up. On an impulse I reached over and hit the refresh button.

A message was waiting.

I had made my first sale on etsy!

What an awesome day! Jess also recieved a package, a very cute hair clip. Always fun to open packages, even if you know what it is, even if you ordered it.

I wanted to send the pipe out today, but I didn't have time before work. So I will be off to the post office first thing tomorrow. I hope she'll be very pleased with it. This is the pipe:

pipe 18


Anthony said...

I'm jealous - any more bent pipes in the works? I'll be happy to give you your second etsy sale. :)

aahendersonpipes said...

I just got a bunch of briar blocks, so I'll be busy cranking out pipes for a good while. I started two today that I hope to have finished by morning.

I will start a new bent next. I can hopefully finish it in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

YAY, you made a sale! Congrats!

Hopefully, you'll make many more. :-)

aahendersonpipes said...

Hey Anthony, I posted a new bent on nov 23, if you're interested in taking a look.